Jugamos Afuera is a program developed by Vámonos Outside and Camp Fire Central Oregon to help offer social and emotional opportunities for our LatinX youth.  The program provides regular outings for 20 youth in Bend, including snowshoeing, sledding, hiking, and visiting parks.  The students all live around the Pine Mill apartments  where they have zero access to green spaces. The closest park is a 15 minute walk to Kiwanis Park, which requires crossing one of Bend’s busiest streets. 

In Fall of 2020, Jugamos Afuera provided an afternoon program, two days a week, with a walking school bus from their apartments to Kiwanas Park.  At the park, the youth played fun games and explored.  In January-March 2021, the youth went on weekend outings to Mt. Bachelor, local sno-parks, and other locations, for sledding, snowshoeing, hiking, and playing.  Read the blog about the program here.

Vámonos Outside and Camp Fire Central Oregon will continue the program into the spring and summer of 2021.